Events will be listed here.  There is nothing going on right now per waiting on the legalities of starting a foundation to be finalized.  Later in the year there will be more going on.  There will be meetings starting in April in the Tioga County PA area.  Over the summer there will be awareness booths, fundraisers and whatever else we find to do that is beneficial to the foundation and its members.  We hope to raise enough money over the summer to help those in need for the holidays.  Not only will we be able to help others, this will give our attending members something to focus on and be a part of.  They will help decide which options we will go with weather it be helping the homeless, sponsering a family in need, etc.

We will be having a meet and greet in Knoxville PA at the end of April, more details to come. Be sure to follow The ;IGY6 Organization on Facebook fke the most up to date events.